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Local Governance System for improved service delivery and acceleration of basic services for citizens are provided to local governments. The aim is to improve ability and capacity to become better administrators, raise revenue and deliver high-quality services to accelerate progress.

Administrative Governance looks into seven areas:

  1. Local Administration
  2. Local Legislation
  3. Planning and Development
  4. Revenue Generation
  5. Resource Management
  6. Customer Services
  7. Human Resource Management

Objectives of the Local Governance System:

  1. Strengthen capacity of local government unit while maintaining their community identity.
  2. Increased collaboration, communication and planning between organizations.
  3. Modernized legislation supporting local decision-making.
  4. Fair and effective property taxation and assessment system.
  5. More equitable organization management arrangements.


eLoGos System Structure

The structure of eLoGos is described in terms of organizational functions which make use of information. The eLoGos integrated systems are used to describe a variety of functional systems that supports an organizational function.

eLoGos Adaptation Strategy

The Adaptation Strategy describes how the system will be deployed, installed and transitioned into an operational system.

A Service Level Agreement will be furnished which describes the performance requirements, availability, security requirements, system backups, storage requirements, as well as help desk support requirements.

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